Interchange Service

BSL Interchange is headquartered in Hong Kong with a worldwide coverage of equipment interchange service in South-east Asia, Far East, US, Canada, Australia, as well as UK.


BSLI: Matching up the location that has a surplus of container inventory and the location that has container requirements.

SUPPLIER: Issuing release order at POL depot & offhire acceptance at POD depot.

USER: Arranging the transportation from the depot at POL to the designated depot at POD.


BSLI improves its insurance coverage via newly fixed insurance. General limit of liability cover USD 1,000,000 but submitted in respect of particular types of coverage.

  • Physical total loss of constructive total loss to carrying equipment
  • Physical loss of damage to third party property
  • Illness, bodily injury or death of any third party
  • Professional liability cover as interchange broker, marine consultant, shipping advisor and transportation broker

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